Our repair capabilities cover all types of repairs & upgrades needed for your Traction, Hydraulic, MRL Elevators and Escalators. 

Our team is among the highest trained in the industry, capable of repairing full range of brands & equipment including: 

• Machines and Hoist Ropes 
• Door Packages 
• Governors/Rope Grippers
• Fixtures 
• Controls 
• Jack Replacements 
• Cab Interiors. Official Qcab Partner 
• Escalator Chains/Handrails/Steps


We comply with all ASME  A17.1-2013/CSA B44-13 Code requirements and create the necessary electronic & printed records for ease of delivery on demand.  

Tasks are assigned throughout the year using measurable procedures designed & provided by our Maintenance Control Program (PDF). This ensures maximum equipment life and hazard free operation.

We also provide owner access to all records to comply with the 5 year retention requirement.  Now you don’t have to manage records in-house!


We make the modernization process for your elevators easy! Having a proper maintenance program will help prepare you for when the time comes to modernize.

Our highly trained personnel have the experience and knowledge to work on various types of manufacturers’ control systems.

Unlike the major elevator companies our products are not standard or proprietary. Having flexibility to offer non-proprietary controls ensures owners will have the ability to choose any service provider for the life of the equipment.
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